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Sustainability Statement

Element’s vision for sustainability is to leave things better than how we find them. We strive towards zero waste & being carbon neutral wherever possible… our aim is to only leave behind happy memories and a happy planet.

To do this, we source the best quality product we can from known suppliers and producers who share a similar vision. Our goal for 2022 is to increase our recyclable waste to 80% and to generally just become better people.

It’s a small step in the right direction and only the beginning of what we ALL need to achieve. In order to do this we have switched over to packaging that is more widely recycled, that is also less harmful to our planet during its production.

We compost and leave nothing to waste; the flesh of our lemons is used for cocktails garnishes, the rind goes into making lemonade, the pips create a bitter lemon oil for cooking and the off-cuts are soaked in sugar and refined into an oleo (again for cocktails.) Nothing goes straight in the bin and no citrus fruit is left behind.

We host regular staff training sessions and our team have travelled to recycling plants and landfills to help them understand the impact that small changes can make. We have seen exactly what happens to our waste when we are done with it and we know what we can do better. It’s not about being pushy and overbearing; it’s just about being in the know… you know?

We endeavour to be as green as we can at Element and this runs through every aspect of our business. If it’s not us working hard in the bars, then it’s our work with our brewery Cold Town Beer where every new beer follows the Brew Blue, Go Green initiative.

We are staying away from the big companies that hate grass and think that bees are just fat wasps. Instead we’ll be supporting local businesses and small batch distilleries who have a great story, a great heart and a fantastic product… all this whilst also helping boost the economy!

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